SMTP Guardian

SMTP Guardian

Secure incoming and outgoing eMail services with IP Number, Spam, Virus, Trojan, Malware, Phishing and other Malicious threat SMTP Protection.

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Incoming SMTP Protection

We use state of the art Spam and Virus SMTP filters to gaurd you from dangerous eMails that could harm your electronic devices.

Spam Protection

We use a wide variety of local, remote, Real Time Blacklists (RBLS), Sender verification, and Geographical tests to identify spam.

Virus Protection

Industry standard antivirus filter engine designed for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats that is constatly updated.

Trojan Protection

Your eMail messages are scanned for possible Trojans that could allow hackers to control your electronic devices remotely.

Outgoing SMTP Protection

Fully compatible with any electronic device that supports SMTP authentication and webservers that support smart relays to send eMail

IP Number Protection

Your IP Number is removed from all your outgoing eMail headers stopping hackers from geting your IP Number from a simple eMail.

Encryption Protrection

Secure SSL based SMTP connections are always attemted first to protect your mail from unauthorized use by third parties.

Law Enforcement Friendly

We do maintain logs that include your IP Number when you send mail and if your a spammer or trying to hide from the law, this is the wrong place.

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